Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

We found out what the gender of our baby was around 18 weeks. We planned a gender reveal party to reveal it to our family. We found out on Friday and kept it a secret until Sunday. UGH! That was hard!

We bought pink and blue everything! Cups, napkins, plates, plastic ware and tons of candy for a candy bar.

We decorated with pink and blue balloon creation, pink and blue confetti for on the tables and pink and blue streamers. 

I also had two tables filled with pink and blue dress up items. Guests were instructed to grab a few things off the table to dress up in to express their guess. So if they thought it was a boy, they would choose some blue. If they thought it was a girl, they would dress in some pink things. 

We took a group picture and then chowed down on lots of yummy food! 
Then after the meal we headed outside for the reveal. We filled a pinata with candy the color associated with the baby's gender. 

 Everybody has a bag, blue or pink depending on their guess of the gender. 

 Can you see the color of the candy on the ground??

 Here, I will help you out. Here is our Facebook reveal photos. :) :) :) 
Our little girl will arrive sometime in August. 

We could not be more excited! Out of 13 grandchildren on my side of the family, 10 are boys. So it is time for a girl! :) :) :) We can't wait!