Sunday, September 21, 2014

Preschool: Duck Pond Math Center

Well, school is off to a great start! I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of September already!
Here is a new math center that I did this year in conjunction with the book, "Little Quack's New Friend".  It was simple to prepare. 

 I cut out a pond shape out of blue tag board and had it laminated so I can use it yearly. 
I randomly wrote numbers 1-9 on the pond. Then I labeled the bottom of some rubber ducks with numbers 1-9.
 I tossed the ducks in a bowl. During Circle Time, we played the game as a group. Each student chose a duck and matched the number on the duck to the number on the pond. It was great to demonstrate how to play the game at Circle Time with all the students because they could complete the center on their own or with a friend during Free Play.