Friday, March 21, 2014

Preschool: Helping Hands

I know I have been MIA lately. Thanks for sticking with me! Adjusting to Mommy life with this sweet baby girl has been interesting, but I am loving every minute!

I thought I would pop in to give you an idea that I tried for the first time in my classroom this year and it has worked out well! I have always hated "Helper Charts" because I felt that it was a lot to keep track of. But I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to give it a shot! 

I am in love with it! It has simplified my day! Instead of having a:
-Line Leader
-Calendar Helper
-Bell Ringer
-Snack Helper
Etc, etc, etc 
I now just have one Helper of the Day or Helping Hand!!! 

It is super simple. One the first day of class each kiddo painted their hand and pressed it one a quarter sheet of white construction paper. I cut out each hand and labeled them with each kiddos name. Then I used a hole punch on each hand and put a binder clip through them. I hung them to my closet with a magnetic hook. Flip it each day and viola! One person to help me whenever for whatever is needed! Give it a shot to simplify your life! ;)