Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Preschool: Q is for Queen Bee

I was looking for sometime different than painting quilt patches for the letter Q in preschool. I am also at the beginning of our bug and insect unit, so making Queen Bees just seemed right!

I was going to cut out little crowns for each student, but found the cupcake wraps at Michael's and decided that if I cut them into thirds, they would make perfect crowns for our Queen Bees! ( I was glad I did not have to cut them out by hand too!) Paper doilies would also work!

cupcake wraps (not cupcake papers) or doilies
paper plates
yellow paint (we finger painted ours!)
black paint
black construction paper circles for the heads
wiggly eyes or eye stickers
paper mouths cut out of red construction paper
pipe cleaners
contact paper

Cut each paper plate in half and paint yellow. While they are drying, cut out wing shapes from contact paper. Sprinkle with glitter and back with another piece of contact paper trimmed to fit.
Make bee faces by gluing on mouths, eyes, pipe cleaner antennas, and crowns.

When yellow paint is dry, add stripes and staple on head and wings. BUZZ!!!!