Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Preschool: S is for Spider

If you are talking about spiders in Preschool, then you have to read "The Very Busy Spider" By: Eric Carle. I love that the pages have a raised edge for the spider web. :) It just seems classic.

I have done many different spider crafts over the last four years with the kids. The problem is that all of those require a great deal of preparation on my part. This year I decided to do a Spider Free Art Center.  It was a ton of fun and had very little preparation. All you need is some paper plates, construction paper, glue, stapler and a variety of craft items. We used sequins, dot painters, wiggly eyes, stickers, tissue paper squares, pom poms... you get the idea. Just cut 1 inch strips of construction paper for the spider legs. In my smaller class, kids were able to help staple the legs onto the spider, however many they wanted, wherever they wanted.  In my larger class, a parent helper pre-stapled the legs onto the spiders. I set tables up with spiders and a tray of craft items. Kids could travel over and complete a spider. Little to no direction was needed. Free process art allows them to be independent thinkers. It lets them have free creative control. It is important for their little minds. I am learning this. Free art is still a grainy concept for me. I think there is a great deal of value in directed art as well. But I am having fun with free art stations. There is so much you can do with them. Let the children's creativity shine. Let them shine.  :)

Then staple a little yarn to the back and have your wonderful, amazing, talented husband hang them from the ceiling for you! 

Fun, cute and simple!

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