Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Favorite Things Party

Can you say SO MUCH FUN!!!! Have you heard of them???? They are such fun! The concept is this...  (you can change the price limit and # of gifts each person brings to your personal standards)

Each guest was asked to think of their favorite things in the $10-$15 range. Then they narrowed it down to one item and purchased 3 of that item. They packaged it and brought it to swap at the party. Each guest then went home with 3 new and different items from other guests at the party. We drew names to decide who went home with what.

What a neat way to share our favorite things with each other!

I also gave away some door prizes! Thanks to Amber for donating a Tastefully Simple Beer Bread mix (def one of my FAVORITE things!) and a cookbook! If you are interested in some of TS amazing products, like the beer bread.... check her website out   www.TastefullySimple.com/web//AAdeshina
I highly recommend... well everything they make! :) :) :)

Some of the gifts people brought were a $10.00 Starbucks gift card, an exercise video and Skinny Cow snacks, A large teacup filled with drink mixes, Mary compact filled with make up, and I brought Our Best Bites cookbook.

I also served my favorite lemonade in these cute mason jars with cupcake liners and paper straws. I found the idea here. The lemonade itself is something my aunt TC always makes. I just made a really strong lemonade from the Country Time mix. Then juiced about 2 large oranges into it. I added sliced oranges to the jars before serving.

I also made each guest a little favor bag with pretty baking liners, stick matches and gel paste food coloring. Some of my favorite baking items!

I used scrabble tile stickers and scrapbooking paper to turn these plain brown bags into pretty gift bags for everyone to carry home their goodies in. 

It was a great time! I look forward to another one! :) 

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