Monday, May 12, 2014

Preschool: W is for Whale in the Water

Love this little craft! It can be adapted to suit kiddos of all different ages.
 Since I have 3 and 4 year olds and we were completing this as a group, I cut out the whales for the kiddos and had them ready.  Older kiddos could certainly cut out their whales themselves.

I used this whale temple and traced them onto light gray paper.

I gave each child a half sheet of light blue construction paper, one pre-cut whale, and one third of sheet of dark blue construction paper programmed with curved line to represent waves/water.

Each student started by cutting out the "waves" and gluing them to the bottom of the light blue sheet of construction paper. Then they glued the whale to the waves. Next we added an eye and mouth and I helped them draw a  "W" in glue to represent the water shooting out of the blowhole. The last step was sprinkling blue glitter onto the "W". And there you have it! A "Whaley" cute craft! ;)

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