Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Chicken

As my husband and I headed away for vacation, I was prepping some meals to take along. I also wanted to leave some meals for my MIL, BIL and Brother to eat while I was away. So I made some Spaghetti Pie and froze it. It freezes extremely well. Just thaw in the fridge a day before you want to cook it! I made one for the fam too! 
     I needed some chicken for my Chicken Alfredo Pizza. (Recipe coming soon!) Chicken breasts were BOGO, so I grabbed 2 packs (about 15 chicken breasts). When I got home I decided to go ahead and bake all the chicken and freeze the leftovers. My wonderful husband got me Food Saver for Christmas!!!! (I was super excited!!!) So, I knew they would freeze well and keep forever. (Ok, well not forever, but about a year! It won't take us that long to go through the chicken though.) So anyway, I sprinkled some seasoned salt and pepper over the CB, and baked them at 350 (convection)  for a little over an hour (since I had two trays in the oven at the same time). When they were no longer pink, I cooled them. We had some for dinner that night that I served with leftover rice. The rest I packaged two at a time and sealed them in the Food Saver. My intentions were for the family to grab a bag or so and prepare however they wanted. They could get a nice seer on them by tossing in the skillet. They could add whatever seasoning they prefer. They could shred it for chicken salad. Options are endless. The big deal is, they are already cooked. YAY for time saving! I shredded 2 breasts for my pizza and froze them to take along, packaged the rest and froze them. And I had another surprise... I had several cups of chicken broth! Yay! I dumped that into a gallon bag and froze it as well! This is super exciting for me, because it is a time saver, money saver, and so easy and convenient. And it never really occurred to me before that I could cook a relatively plain (although super yummy) CB and then just pull them out whenever I wanted a chicken sandwich for lunch or chicken for a meal. So, go ahead, buy some chicken on sale and save yourself some time, money and hassle! And be as excited as me about it! :) :) :) 

 Packaged in twos.

 The chicken stock- frozen for the next time I need it! So much better than buying the stuff off the self!
 Shredded chicken for my Alfredo Pizza, but it could be for chicken salad as well! 

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