Tuesday, July 5, 2011

London Broil as Pot Roast

London Broil was on sale this week... So I bought 2 pieces. I have never made London Broil before. But I was hoping to turn 1 of them into a pot roast. When we have pot roast, we always just have normal pot roast, potatoes, carrots, etc. We never have left overs for sandwiches. Justin requested pot roast sandwiches. I thought I would give it shot with the London Broil. 

1 large London Broil
1 packet of Pot Roast Seasoning
2-3 Cups of water (add more water if necessary)
1/2 packet of Ranch dressing seasoning

Mix it all together, pour it over the roast. Cook @250 for 6 hours. I backed the heat down to 175 to keep it nice and warm until we were ready for dinner. The gravy is so yummy. I served it on Onion Poppy Seed Ciabatta bread with fries on the side. There is very little preparation for this meal. It is super simple! My kind of meal! :) :) :) 

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