Friday, August 5, 2011

Finger Food Fun

For cryin' out loud people, sometimes you just have to set aside manners and etiquette and have FUN! Right? Of course I am right! You all know food tastes better when you eat it with your hands. 
I am a big fan of creating experiences that make wonderful memories for your kiddos. Moments that they will randomly remember when they are older and make them smile. :) :) :) So lay aside your inhibitions... and your forks and have fun with your food! 

 ~For all of you who eat finger food with a fork, take a deep breathe before you read this post. *inhale slowly*~

 Who said food can't be fun? Not me! I say, who is it hurting by letting the munchkins play a little?
Here is C-belle demonstrating how to eat rigatoni the best way! So convenient! Just pop them on your fingers! Who needs a fork? 

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