Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Money Saving Tips (freezing bulk meat)

One of the ways that I save money is basing my grocery list off the sales in the circular. I rarely ever buy something that is not on sale, or that I do not have a coupon for. The exception to that rule is milk and bread. I buy that either way.
I ONLY buy meat if it on sale. Ever. End of story. Meat is always on sale somewhere. There is never a reason to pay full price. I never pay more than 1.99/pound for boneless/skinless chicken breast. In fact, I usually only pay 1.59-1.79/pound. (It runs 3.29-3.69/pound when it is full price) When a store has them on sale, I buy whatever will fit in my freezer. We can usually go 2-3 months without buying chicken. Like I have mentioned before, we eat chicken at least 5 times a week. I can get 2 meals out of one pack of chicken which usually cost less than $8.00 a full pack.

This week, 85/15 ground beef was on sale for 2.59/pound. They grind it fresh daily at my grocery store, so I was able to buy a 7.5 pound bag. I separated into 1 pound packages and froze it.  I reserved about 3 pounds and made meatballs, browned them and froze them as well.

Here is how I freeze the meat.
Lay out a piece of freezer paper with the shiny side UP. Place meat in the center. ( I eyeballed what I think is about 1 pound of meat.)
Begin folding the paper like you are wrapping a present. 
You can use a piece of tape to secure the seams if it makes ya feel better. I did, but it's not pictured. 
Use a sharpie to mark a freezer bag with the DATE, WHAT YOU ARE FREEZING and HOW MUCH OF IT.  

Slide your meat into the freezer bag. Press all the air out of it and seal it shut. Stick it in the freezer. 
***Important: Remember it is in there! ;)***

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