Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Impossible Sugar Cookies (Scarecrow Cookies)

I cannot make sugar cookies to save my life. Correction: I can make a blobby looking mess... but a pretty perfect cutout cookie??? NO! I have tried several different times, several different recipes following them exactly. No luck though. My brother in law says when I follow a recipe, it never turns out right. Winging it usually gives me the best results! 
Diaster 1-
I had this plan to make multi-colored sugar cookies that were supposed to look like oak leaves. Well, they turned out looking like a deformed part of the male anatomy that would not have been appropriate to send as a "thank you" to the nice firefighters who taught fire safety at preschool. :/ Epic FAIL. The firemen got round cookies instead. 

Disaster 2-
I was gonna make these adorable scarecrow cookies, but the dough was impossible. Too sticky even after refrigerating overnight. I ended up rolling the dough into balls, rolling in flour then smooshing with the back of a measuring cup. They turned into perfect circles then, but... COME ON!!! This has got to be easier!!!! Any hep out there blog world???? What are your tips for making perfect sugar cookies????

The cookie recipe I used can be found here.... along with the icing and scarecrow idea. Believe me, the cookies were yummy! The problem lies with me!!! I have got to be doing something wrong! HELP!!! 

So, make the cookies and decorate... I used the sugar wafers ( i found taking them apart longways worked better), pull and peel licorice, mini choco chips, a peanut butter chip... you can use whatever you like! I am planning on making these again and making them into snowmen! :) Look for that post coming soon! 

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