Sunday, January 1, 2012

TP Roll Snowman

I have had a problem. I collected way, way, way, way too much junk for preschool. I kept every container, jar, tp tube, pt tube, egg carton, oatmeal container... and the list goes on. BUT this year, I have gotten rid of TONS of it. I used what I could, kept some of what I know I will use this year. And I tossed the rest. Tossing feels good. I know you don't think it will, but it does. Just throw it away. I am in the process of writing a series of posts completely dedicated to organizing and knowing what to keep and get rid of...etc. So keep looking! But for now... I am sticking to showing you how to put to good use the tp or pt rolls that you have collected. :)

1. Paint tube white ( use acrylic paint, tempra just soaks in)
2. Use black beans to create a face and orange felt to create a face.
3. Use colored felt to make a hat and scarf. ( For the hat, just glue a thick strip at the top, snip fringe, and     tie it together with some string or ribbon. Glue the scarf on the bottom)
4. Glue on buttons.
I suggest using tacky glue :)

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