Friday, December 23, 2011

All the Pretty Lights!

Christmas Lights
Two quick Christmas light crafts
 Find or draw a Christmas light bulb. I got mine from the Pre K Mailbox magazine. You could google a pattern and draw it in black maker on white cardstock. Cut it out.  Mix up some corn syrup paint.  A squirt of clear (light) corn syrup and  a few drops of food coloring. Simple and sticky! Paint the bulb with the shiny paint. It will take a few days to dry. It will be shiny just like a glass light bulb. Make a few and string them together and hang them from the wall or window. We put a sign with ours that said, “ Jesus is the Light of the World."  I love the way it brightens up my classroom door! :) 
Clean up is much easier than you may suspect. It wipes right off. 

Another simple fun Christmas light craft, is to have your little one dip fingers into paint and make finger print lights all over a piece of card stock. After it is dry connect the lights with a fine tip sharpie. You can write:
On the inside and have the kiddos sign their names!

Christmas Card idea adapted from Teach Preschool
Fun and Done! 

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