Friday, December 9, 2011

Preschool: Writing Center

It is "Letter of the Week" time for the 3 year olds! :) In the 3 year old class, we are focusing on letter recognition and sound association. But I also like to expose them to writing the letter. Adding in a hands on activity often helps the kiddos remember the letter. :) Here is my writing center at preschool. It is a simple and inexpensive creation that can be used for multiple activities.

I went to my local Lowe's and picked a thin piece of Plexi-glass. I had them cut in half. ( It's free!) back at school, I place our Handwriting Without Tears workbook that the older class uses, underneath the plexi-glass. The kiddos use dry erase markers to complete the workbook page. Then they can simply erase it and try again, or give a fellow student a turn. It saves money and waste. The kids love it! I love it! You can also recycle dot-to-dots, look and find pages, math pages, mazes, etc underneath for another fun center activity! :) Give it a try!

I had to add this picture... of when she noticed I was photographing her! :) 


  1. oh dear, what a picture! haha! This is why I can never capture decent pictures of her :-) I'll have to tell you about my experience with handwriting and the early childhood department at Ship...

  2. The picture is HILARIOUS!!! Too funny! I think kids are either silly, camera shy, or a ham! I have all three!