Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smartie Valentines!

I was racking my brain this weekend trying to come up with something creative yet simple to make for my students for Valentine's Day. Also, I need something that doesn't hurt the wallet... with 27 students, the cost can quickly add up! So as I was stalking the candy aisles at Target I saw that a jumbo bag of Smarties were on sale for $2! Yay! There were 67 in the package. That made 2 rolls of Smarties for each kiddo! Plus, I thought getting Smarties from your teacher was appropriate. If you want to make some you can too! I even made you a free printable!

Black Cardstock (12x12)
Clear cellophane bags
Heart stickers

Print the free printable, cut apart.
Cut the black cardstock in half so you have 2- 12x6 pieces.
Then Cut each 12x6 piece into 3- 4 inch pieces.
Fold each piece of cardstock in half so that the tag will fit on. 
Glue on the tag and decorate with stickers.
Cut cello bags in half.
Fill with packs of Smarties.
Staple the tops onto the bags.
And you are done! 


  1. Oh wow! Your smarties are completely different to the ones we get in Australia! Ours are a small rounded circle candy shell coated chocolate. What country do you live in? I love your idea, and although we have different Smarties they are entirely appropriate for our students :)