Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snail Mail :)

What kid doesn't like getting mail? I am an adult and LOVE getting mail! Well... not the bills. But cards and letters and even some junk mail. Packages are even better! I am like a kid on Christmas even though I am usually the one who ordered whatever it is coming in the mail and already know what it is. :) Mail is fun! And we hardly get snail mail anymore. So why not pick a friend or kiddo that you know and send them some mail this week. I did a package for 2 very special kiddos. :) They will be getting this in the mail!

 Strawberry Icing
 Cake Mix and Sprinkles
 Cake Mix-- wrapped in Scrapbooking paper

 Stickers for the kiddos

 Valentine's Day craft items
 Special note for the special kids.

 Wrapped it all up in a box, wrapped the box in brown paper and decorate! :) 
Mail it :)

So the box included a cake mix, icing and sprinkles for the kiddos to make with their mom. ( I just cut the scrapbooking paper down to fit on the box and some ribbon to jazz it up! )
A bunch of scrapbooking stickers. (What kid doesn't like stickers?)
Valentine's foam stickers and doilies.
A glue stick.
Sounds like a box of fun to me! :) 
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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