Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Cinnamon Pretzel Bark

I reorganized my baking supplies today. Guess what I found. I found that I have a slight obsession with sprinkles. Specifically Valentine's themed ones. I pulled them out of the cupboard and decided I would have to put them to good use. I also saw some white melting chocolate and grabbed that. I was eating some pretzels, trying to decide what to do with the overload of sprinkles sitting on the table when,  PRETZEL BARK!!! Duh!!! But kinda boring. But then I remembered I bought cinnamon imperials at the grocery store the other day! HAH! I had it! Cinnamon Pretzel Bark. Not so boring anymore! :) 

1 bag of Wilton's white melting caps
About 2 large handfuls of pretzels
Some cinnamon red hots or cinnamon imperials
Valentine sprinkles

Melt chocolate
***Okay, I know this is not as easy as it sounds. So see my tips at the end of the post on tempering chocolate:***
Cover a small baking sheet in parchment
While your chocolate is melting, gently break apart some pretzels and spread them out on the parchment.
After your chocolate is melted, tempered and ready to go, dump it over the pretzels, spreading it out gently with a spatula.
Drop cinnamon candies randomly throughout. (I was conservative with this part)
Sprinkle with sprinkles :) 
Toss it in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes or until set. 
Bust apart and enjoy. 
One little warning, the cinnamon candies can be hard, so be careful not to bust a tooth on it :)
This is really yummy! 

Chocolate melting/tempering tips:
~Do NOT use chocolate chips. 
~ Use the double boiler method. 
~Only melt half of your caps.
~Add the second half after you remove the chocolate from the heat.
~Stir like crazy. This is a hugely important part of tempering your chocolate. 
~Stir some more.
~Keep stirring.
~Dip the end of a butter knife into the chocolate and toss it in the fridge.
~Go stir some more.
~After about 2minutes, check the knife... if the chocolate is hard then you are ready to go.
If not, keep stirring and check the knife every minute. 
If it is not setting up nicely after 5 or 6 minutes... I recommend starting over. Your choice though. 

For more info go here.

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