Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blueberry Syrup

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Wonderful it is. It is light and fresh. Can you say that about syrup? Light and fresh? Hmm...

This was my first attempt at blueberry syrup, so I just made a small amount. This recipe makes 1 cup or so. I recommend storing it in a glass jar in the fridge. Wear your apron! No need for blueberry stains on your clothes! :)

I used 1 cup of water and 2 cups of blueberries. Bring them to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and let go for about 10 minutes. I like to use a potato masher to help it along. Line your strainer with a thick paper towel. Remove from heat and strain the juice into a glass bowl (this prevents your plastic from staining).  Return the juice to the pan and add 1/2 cup of sugar. ( this was for about 1 cup of juice, adjust as necessary). Heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. This only takes a minute or so.

This was yummy in lemonade, over pancakes, and on top of some vanilla yogurt. The kiddos gobbled it up and asked for seconds!

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