Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Food Fun

I am a huge believer that getting kids involved in the kitchen promotes curiosity and confidence. I also believe that it makes them more willing to taste new things. I also think making food fun for the kiddos is another way to get them to try new foods, or the same old thing again... until they really decide if they like it. It takes several times of trying something before we can really determine whether or not we like something. As you get older, your taste buds loose sensitivity, which makes you less picky. So encourage your kiddos to keep trying things. In my house, we have a rule. A "Thank You" bite. We remind students and daycare kiddos that we try everything to say "Thank You" to whoever prepared the food. One decent bite. :) Here a couple ideas to make food more fun!
 Use cookie cutters to turn cheese into fun shapes!
 Choose Wacky Mac or other fun noodles and call them "Butterflies!" Buttered Butterflies are a FAV around this house!
Throw a piece of spiral string cheese on the plate and call it a caterpillar. Paired with the butterflies, you can open up a conversation of the life cycle of a butterfly!

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