Friday, June 17, 2011

Come on in Sunshine!

Busy day today! We made Suncatchers for a craft today. It is very easy and not very time consuming, especially if you buy pre-cut tissue paper squares.
You will need
-Construction paper
-Clear contact paper
-Tissue paper squares
-Hole punch

Start by cutting the center out of your construction paper. It really can be any size paper you want. You can cut any shape out of it too! I put two pieces of paper together and fold it in fourths. Then I cut the center out of it. Now you have two identical "frames".
  See, just like this one ;)

Next cut clear contact paper to size. It should be about the same size as the frame. Peel the backing off the contact paper and lay it sticky side up on the table. Lay one of your frames on top of it and press down. Next use the tissue paper squares (you can buy them here) and place them all over the contact paper in whatever form or fashion you please. When finished, place another piece of contact paper, sticky side down, on top of the exposed tissue paper. Glue your 2nd frame on top. Punch a hole, string it up and hang it from your window. Or just hold it up there until you can locate the hole puncher, like we did! Ha! Beautiful, Colorful, Happy!  

We also had birdhouses and birdseed for lunch with our Spaghetti-Os! Not the greatest work, but hey, I had a bunch of chirping birdies wondering when lunch was gonna be ready!

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