Friday, June 10, 2011

Sun & Sand Day

S is for Sun and Sand! Yep! One of my favorite days @ preschool! I know, I know... the school year is over. BUT, I just started this blog, and just had to show you this themed box I made for S&S day. I whipped up a batch of sand playdough. ( Ha, I made that sound easy... it wasn't, don't let me fool you. I did not take into account the water content of my wet sand. This resulted in some very sticky, wet playdough) Either way, it worked out. Blue sparkly paper for the water, some tan paper with playdough sand mounds for the beach, some glass pebbles, an empty baby food container for a boat and some little drink umbrellas sprinkled around the beach made for tons of fun for the kiddos. It was inexpensive, easy and the kids LOVED it! One of my favorite projects of the year. Best. Job. Ever. So Blessed. :)

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