Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet my husband...

The most wonderful man in the world. 
He loves me. 
He thinks I am beautiful and he tells me. 
He always kisses me good-bye three times before he leaves. 
He randomly says, " I love you." And he means it.
He holds me. 
When I am upset, he is sensitive.
He lets me vent. 
We have been married 4 years, and dated 6 years before we got married. 
He still treats me like he did when we were dating, with respect and chivalry. 
He still opens doors for me. 
He gets me water every night before bed. 
He loves Christ. 
He loves God more than he loves me. I wouldn't have it any other way.
He makes me happy. 
Are you sick yet? How many times have you rolled your eyes while reading this? :) It's ok, all of this is true. He is an amazing man. I wish every woman could have a loving husband that honors her. I can't think of anything bad to say about him. 
Wait, there is that thing he does. He throws his socks beside the bed. I hate that. But I love him. And he can walk by a laundry basket 30 times without carrying it to the laundry, even after I ask him several times. It drives me nuts. But I love him. Oh yeah, and he is always running short on time. That is irritating.  But I love him. 
I love him more than words can express. I could never tell you how much. Meet my husband...

This is one of the reasons I love him so much. He dressed up as Spongebob for a kid's event. It did not matter to him that is was 90+ degrees outside. He danced around with all the kids. He never complained. I laughed and laughed at him. He makes me laugh everyday. He is so funny. Cheesy funny too. But I love him. He is silly and crazy. And I love him.


  1. lmao your husband became a creepypasta

  2. let me explain what the last anon said, the picture of your husband disguised as spongebob became a creepypasta, an internet horror story. the picture is usually paired with a video called spongebob eaten cave alive, that shows the titular character being eaten by a eel inside a cave. i hope you understand why your spongebob disguised husband has became an creepypasta.